Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's the Polar Express!

Today is breakfast for lunch day at school, and the sproutlets usually go for that, especially when one of the choices is pancakes. So I had no plans to pack them lunch today... but leave it to my Pickle to break his routine when I am least expecting it, heheh. We were 10 minutes from heading out the door, I had just checked the school lunch menu and told them what the choices were, and Pickle said "I want a peanut butter sandwich." Seriously? "You love pancakes! Are you sure you don't want Choice B? It's pancakes!" "No school lunch. Sandwich." Plainly his mind was set. *sigh*

So, I rushed to make him his usual PB sandwich lunch. No time to come up with a cute idea though... the perfect day to borrow Karen of What's In Our Lunch Bags?' Polar Express lunch idea! With my train Lunch Punch, circle cookie cutter, & alphabet cutters, I put together my own version:

Polar Express Lunch ~ Believe

I made a Polar Express engine, ticket stamped "BELIEVE", & pancake PB sandwich bell with fruit leather ribbon. I doubt he'll eat the fruit leather but if he's in the mood to change things up he might surprise me. I also stuck in this Lunchbox Love note, because it was perfect for him (and it matched!) Pickle's crazy for  ketchup. It's his main source of vegetable :)

For the little girls, I had already prepared a nibble tray, with no theme; it's fun enough for them to stab their food with little picks : 

They got apple hearts, yogurt for dipping, strawberries, mozzarella, more apple pieces, cheddar, wienies, and pancakes. I used my FunBites to cut most of it.

I have a Review and Giveaway for FunBites posted here!

I decided to add a teeny tiny touch of Polar Express to their lunch anyways, and hot-glued a little bell to one of my kebab skewers... and I made hot chocolate to drink... and I put the movie on for them to watch while they ate.

I believe they liked it :)

Update: Pickle did not eat the fruit leather strips. He ate everything else though, and said "Finally you made my Polar Express lunch!",  like he's been asking me for ages (he hasn't)... he's a funny boy.

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  1. Glad the lunch got the seal of approval from Pickle! :)


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