Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ladybug Lunches

I'm guest posting over at Ladybug Lunches today...  so I've made ladybug lunches for the occasion, what else? You can see Birdie's ladybug lunch here, and Sprout's similar but different version there!

Ladybug theme Yumbox bento lunchbox
Birdie's Yumbox bento lunch contains:
  • mozzarella string cheese
  • strawberry hearts
  • cherry tomatoes
  • a ladybug cheese sandwich
  • raspberries with a little heart fork
  • chocolate covered raisin treat
Kindergartner Sprout's ladybug lunch is even cuter, I think!

Get Sprout's lunch details in my guest post at Ladybug Lunches!


Birdie's ladybug themed preschool lunch is packed in her new & improved Yumbox Leakproof Bento Lunch Box!

Ladybug theme Yumbox bento lunchbox
The Yumbox shell still needs to be hand washed, but the inner tray is now made of dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic. We have Nalgene bottles made of Tritan, and they've been through the dishwasher hundreds of times, so I know it's tough stuff and can be confident this new tray will survive, yay! Sailor Boy is the chief dishwasher around here and I don't like to make things difficult for him by having too many things he has to hand wash :) 

Some stuff used to pack this lunch:

Bento Lunch


  1. Love your ladybug lunches! The green box is such a lovely contrast with the red, too!

  2. Aww so many cute ladybugs!


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