Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Man Bento

Iron Man 3 is in theatres today, and Beanstalk is so looking forward to it! I packed him an Iron Man bento lunch in his Lego-style bento box.

I used the Iron Man cutter from our Marvel Comics Hero stamp cookie cutter set to make his peanut butter sandwich. Pretty decent detail for a cookie cutter on bread, it's actually recognizeable! Beanstalk was impressed :) 

Pretty cool bento box, wouldn't you say? Like a big Lego brick! 

This neat brick bento box from Bento USA has 2 tiers with plastic lids that seal them. One lid holds chopsticks and the other holds a little ice pack (included) - but I used the space to pack his Marvel superheroes cloth napkin & Lunchbox Love note. It's held together by an included elastic bento strap. 

Beanstalk's Iron Man lunch contains apple & cantaloupe wedges, chocolate covered raisins, & almonds (in the small red & yellow Lego-style boxes), the IronMan peanut butter sandwich, & a granola bar.

My friend Jenn & Karen made Iron Man lunch for their little guys too, check them out on their blogs, Bento for Kidlet & What's In our Lunch Bags?
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Some of the stuff used to make this lunch:


  1. Love this! And I am very jealous of that napkin! <3

  2. Super Iron Man lunch!


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