Monday, May 20, 2013

Mia Made Lunch

I usually take a few minutes Sunday night to make sure everything is in order for Monday morning, but last night I failed to do so and as a result this morning was chaotic. Mia Bella was ready ahead of time though so I asked her if she wouldn't mind making her own lunch while I made her brother and sister's.

She packed a lovely lunch  She has a turkey & sharp cheddar croissant sandwich, cantaloupe chunks, and sunburst & cherry tomatoes, embellished with pandas, hearts, & one lollipop bento pick, because "pandas like candy" :) Well done Bella, it's as cute & colourful as the girl who made it 

I had no worries about my girl packing a healthy lunch though, she makes good choices :) One of her lunches was even awarded 3rd place in Tray Talk's Healthy Lunches Kids Love Photo Contest! 

You can see all the lunch entries in Tray Talk's facebook album.

Kindergartner Sprout "helped" me pack her lunch by standing beside me and suggesting what went in it :) She loves sandwiches made with the CuteZcute sandwich cutter and today she chose the cat face:

Sprout's little lunch is packed in a Sassy On the Go Feeding Set container. It's the perfect size for small appetites. She also got a yogurt tube, not shown.

Some of the stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Congratulations to Bella! Brava to the lovely young lady!

  2. I love the lunch she packed, simple, healthy and cute! Congratulations to sweet and lovely Bella! :)

  3. Yay Bella!! She is such an excellent lunch packer :D

  4. Yay! Bella, such a cutie with an adorable lunch :)

  5. That's a good lunch. Good job.


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