Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling a little Hallowe'eny

Maybe it's the early morning fog, or that fall-ish smell in the air, or maybe it's the grocery store aisles full of trick-or-treat candies, but I'm already feeling a little Hallowe'eny! I'm resisting making Hallowe'en lunches just yet... but I did give in to Birdie at the store yesterday - she was being so good - and bought a bag of mini Hallowe'en Fruit by the Foot rolls, and since we have them, I might as well surprise Sprout with one in her lunch :

And I might as well make the lunch in Hallowe'eny colours to match the treat wrapper, right? So she has orange carrots, green apples & grapes, a white string cheese (atop orange everlasting ice cubes*), and a couple of whole grain fig newtons (they're purple on the inside). And just because their smiles make her lunch look happy, I added some orange teddy bear bento picks :)

* Everlasting ice cubes = what my little Roald Dahl fans call reusable water-filled plastic ice cubes. I think it's cute :)

PS - The title of this post is a secret hello to my friend erin of feeling a little lunchy! Okay, so maybe not so much a secret, but still a hello...


  1. It'ls so cute! these bentos designs look more like an awesome art work.I won't like eating it because it's so beautiful.I really impressed with your website to help me for my sweet child.

  2. ❤Heloooooo!!! Thought I had commented here, but I guess that I only did on fb. Feeling a little honored you'd send me a secret/not secret hello. Thanks! ❤You!! ❤The lunch!


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