Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Week's Lunches

I made a bunch more lunches than I posted last week. That's usually the case though, since I pack at least a dozen lunches a week - they just aren't all interesting enough to photograph or post. But I do like these ones, I just didn't get around to them until now :)

Bella's flatbread pizza sandwich looked too plain until I added a cheery pink raccoon waving Hi :) My alphabet picks are one of my bento essentials!

Sprout just wanted apples, Triscuits & cheese that day. I added baby carrots anyways & she did eat them :) Heart shapes made it pretty 

This one was from Talk Like A Pirate Day. Not as fancy as my Dread Pirate Roberts, but the paper pirate flag pick in the Fig Newtons & the pirate cupcake ring around the string cheese still made it fun.  Arr! 

Apple-shaped reusable ice cubes keep the string cheese extra cool.


  1. Adorable as always! I love the cheery waving raccoon!

  2. This is awfully similar to a post that I made not too long ago! Great minds think alike ;)


    1. Oh wow, how funny! And I didn't choose the raccoon for any reason other than when i rummaged in my picks it was the first one I picked up that looked like it was waving :) Ha ha!

  3. Anonymous9/24/2013

    Your lunches look great and just right for kids.


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