Friday, September 6, 2013

Boon Snack Box

Birdie loves elephants, so I got her a Boon Trunk Snack Box. I'd love to see the size of the kidlet they had in mind when they called it a snack box, it's huge! Tons of room in this Trunk, heheh. But it's super cute! I like that the tail is a handle, and the lid stays on very well, so it really could be toted somewhere by it's tail - as long as Birdie did the toting, it's tot hand sized.

I had a hard time filling it, it's just too roomy for a little one's appetite. I think it could accommodate a hungry grown-up! Here is Birdie's snack of 2 crackers, strawberries, yogurt and a slice of cheese. That's a regular size cheese cracker there, not a bite size one, and that's more yogurt than I usually give her, because of the large capacity of the section. The Boon Trunk snack box could easily hold snacks for several!

Birdie liked it though, and that's what matters. It's not deep enough for any of our drink holders, but if you weren't opposed to puree or juice pouches you could fit one of those in the largest space, or maybe a juice box. It's a fun box!

The Boon Snack Box comes in 2 designs - Trunk elephant & Cargo snail:


  1. Anonymous9/06/2013

    Love efflumps this is a cool idea

  2. That box is adorable! Love the cheese elephants.

  3. It's so cute!! And wow it's big! Funny that they think it's a snack box :P


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