Monday, September 30, 2013

Pink Elephants Lunch Parade

A parade of pink elephant bento lunches went to school today :)

Bella's EasyLunchbox, below, contains dried strawberries, whole grain Fig Newtons, a tomato with a circus elephant pick, a cheese flatbread wrap, and cantaloupe chunks with an elephant fork:

OK so Pickle's elephant lunch isn't pink... but there are pink sprinkles on his yogurt! And orange ones too :) He has his usual peanut butter sandwiches, some string cheese with an elephant cupcake ring, & greek yogurt in a leak-proof lidded container that fits perfectly in that section!

Sprout's EasyLunchbox contains a stack of 3 elephant-stamped cheese sandwiches, fresh strawberries, carrots, & raisins with an elephant fork pick:

Cerise EasyLunchboxes Brights lids add a final touch of pink to the girls' bentos. Pickle got a Classic blue lid on his :)


All the elephant bento accessories came from BentoUSA & are linked to in the descriptions :) Some other stuff I used for these lunches: 

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  1. Anonymous10/02/2013

    THOSE are SO Cute! The elephant sandwich is adorable!

  2. Anonymous10/08/2013

    So cute! Everyone has to love elephants right? :)

  3. Love pink elephants - ever since Dumbo! :-)

  4. Love the elephants. Pink is my favorite color!

  5. Now, I've got to watch Dumbo! Love these super cute lunches.

  6. Now, I've got to watch Dumbo! Love these super cute lunches.


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