Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back To School : Go Green Lunch Box

Sprout's choice for her back to school lunch is her Go Green Lunch Box. Look how happy she is to finally have her very own Go Green Lunch Box - no more borrowing big sister's. And in the Candy Store print that she wanted too :)


She doesn't go back to school until tomorrow though, so her lunch has yet to be made :) She's requested a back to school theme, I can do that.

Here are a couple of never posted Go Green lunches from last year:

This lunch was from one of those days where I realized I should have gotten groceries the day before. Luckily I had a Clif bar to add a little more substance to the fruit & cheese! Bella likes her string cheese cold, so I added some reusable ice stars to that section, and more star accessories for fun:

Star Go Green Lunch Box

Bella loves pizza sandwiches made with marinara & mozzarella in Fold-it flatbread. She also had cantaloupe wedges, apple wedges, & tomatoes, embellished with fun food picks & a pizza fact  Lunchbox Love note.

Pizza theme Go Green Lunch Box

One thing I really like about the Go Green is how each section is completely separated from the next, with silicone seals keeping moisture or crumbs from one section from getting into another, or out of the lunchbox. And the lock on the lid lets kids know it's on right and won't make a mess in the lunch bag. And I love that it comes with a drink holder that fits in the lunchbox!   

Visit the Go Green Lunch Box website to see all the great features and bag styles!


  1. Love the enthusiasm! I always forget that I have those little ice cubes in the freezer. Great idea.

  2. I love the little star ice with the cheese stick idea!

  3. Adorable pic of Sprout! Hope that smile stays on her face throughout her first day of school. Cute lunches!


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