Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday the 17th

It's Tuesday the 17th Psych-os!  So I baked some  (wait for it) ...
Boom... boom... boom... muffins!

Pineapple pear oatmeal muffins! Are you a fan of delicious flavour?
I'll share my secret ingredient... Don't tell the sproutlets, but I substitute fruit & veggie baby food puree for the oil in muffin recipes to add not only delicious flavour but a wee nutrition boost too  :)

Birdie's not a Psych fan (yet), being only 4 years old - but she can't read either, so the letters stuck in the muffin in her nibble tray might as well say anything - in fact, when I asked her what they spelled, she said "Lunch" :)

She also had some yogurt, cheddar, crackers, carrots, & pineapple chunks.
In her pineapple-shaped Zak! Dr. Sears Nibble Tray, of course!


Some of my favorite bento bloggers are Psych-os too!
Check out what they have to share this Tuesday the 17th!

89 days until Psych: The Musical!


  1. Super cute! I've never gotten into Psych myself (don't hold it against me!) but this was great. :)

  2. This is a perfect Psych lunch!

  3. What is your oatmeal muffin recipe? I see you reference it so much in all sorts of flavors!

    1. I just tweak the Quaker Oats one with whatever I have on hand: Quaker's Best Oatmeal Muffins

  4. Anonymous9/19/2013

    This is awesome!! Psych fan from day one. My husband will be getting something similar!! Thanks for all the great ideas.


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