Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Train Your Dragon

Birdie requested a How To Train Your Dragon lunch. I'm sick with a stuffy head cold that might've made it hard to be creative, but luckily, I happened to have some cupcake decorations that made it easy for me :)

Birdie's How To Train Your Dragon lunch contains:
  • Wowbutter heart-shaped "pillow sandwich", as she calls this type of sandwich made with a press & seal cutter,  decorated with a Toothless the Night Fury cupcake ring
  • red grapes - not sure she'll eat these, they are supposed to be seedless but some of them have wee pips in them
  • a mozzarella string cheese cut in thirds with a Hiccup the Viking cupcake ring around one piece
  • a hard-cooked "dragon egg" made by cracking the egg shell after cooking, and soaking it in water & food colouring (I left it overnight)
Birdie was so excited to take this lunch to preschool! It's one of her favourite movies. Her big sister Bella has some of the books,  I should make one for her too! But not today. Today she made her own - I'll post it tomorrow :)

Some stuff used to make this lunch:


  1. This is seriously so cute! I wish Eliana liked hard boiled eggs! I love how you did your dragon egg! :)

  2. Haaa I love the dragon egg. That is so cute ^^

  3. I love your ideas, I'm inspired to jazz up my kids bento lunch boxes!

  4. Ooh I love this. That movie is a favorite of ours! Feel better!


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