Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fair Winds & Following Seas...

My Sailor Boy is shipping out again, so this will be his last homemade lunch for a few weeks :( It's only for a few weeks - but he'll miss Father's Day! I stuck in a Dad pick & a Lunchbox Love note, it can be his advance Dad's Day dinner :)

Lunch for husband and father packed in EasyLunchboxes

His EasyLunchbox is packed with leftover garlic butter rice & broiled pork chop, with some bite sized sharp cheddar hearts, baby carrots, & kiwi. The sides are in silicone cups so he can take them out to microwave the entrée.


Stuff I used in this lunch:


  1. Sweet and lovely lunch. Praying for your sailor boy and you guys back at home during this "thankfully" short separation. Thank you again for all you both do serving our country!

  2. Anonymous5/30/2013

    A short separation is a separation all the same! Love that you made him a special lunch! :)

  3. This is just the sweetest Cristi. What a lucky guy!!

  4. Looks delicious! <3 <3


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