Monday, May 27, 2013

Rainy Day Monday

Have you ever forgotten it was a holiday and made school lunches?

It's raining this Memorial Day Monday, perfect day to make umbrella sandwiches for Pickle, using the sticks I saved from the Lindt chocolate carrots the sproutlets got in their Easter baskets: 

One of Bella's favourite rainy day lunches is soup & veggie sides.  She has cream of potato soup in a Thermos Foogo (really keeps it hot all day!) and a Light My Fire spork, cucumbers, sweet peppers, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and Ritz crackers.

Sprout loves hearts in her lunch. Her Goodbyn Bynto is packed with cheddar hearts, peanut butter sandwich hearts, baby carrots, and strawberry hearts.

Little sister Birdie wanted the same thing as her big sis. I gave her triangle shaped cheese made from the scraps of Sprout's hearts.

The adorable cloth napkins are from The Red Poppy on Etsy. 
Other stuff used to make these lunches:

Linked to Bento for Kidlet's last Meatless Monday of the school year:



  1. So cute! Love this idea!

  2. Cute cute!! I love the use of the carrot bits for the umbrella!

  3. The umbrellas are delicious.


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