Monday, September 12, 2011

Taco Time!

Bean Sprout and Baby Bird are having a taco Muffin Tin Monday. This is pretty much how they eat them when the family has tacos for supper anyways; they like all the taco ingredients, just not together in the shell :)

Tortilla chips, romaine lettuce, shredded cheese,
yogurt, tomatoes & cheddar smiles, & taco meatballs.

The bigger sproutlets had some of the taco meatballs as well. Bella had
 hers with cheese quesadillas, lettuce, tomatoes, and mandarin oranges.

Beanstalk had his with navel orange slices, mozzarella 
string cheese, spicy almonds, and tortilla chips.

Pickle had peanut butter sandwich "tacos" and his 
usual yogurt and oatmeal cookie, cut into wedges.


There's no real recipe for the taco meatballs, I just mixed up ground beef with all the spices I usually use to season tacos - chipotle chile pepper, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, italian seasoning, onion powder, salt, and pepper (I rarely measure spices, just give a good shake of each) - added breadcrumbs and an egg, made little balls and cooked them in the toaster oven at 400°F for about 13 minutes.


  1. I love all the ways you presented this lunch.

  2. Wow! Such creative lunches!!!

  3. those all look wonderful!!! what a great mommy you are!


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