Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Lunch fit for a Queen...

 I  ♥ my little royal pains! So even though it's MY birthday and I could have slept in and let their dad pack their lunches, I got up and made them something cute. OK, OK, so I wanted to get up, I admit it, I like making their lunches :) 

Bella had a crown shaped sandwich cut out with a Lunch Punch, crown shaped cheddar, cucumber hearts, carrots, strawberry yogurt, and - you might have to look hard to see them stuck on the Easy Lunchbox lid - fruit leather hearts. I stuck them there to keep them from getting crumb-covered from the bread - hopefully they were easy to peel off at lunchtime! 

Lunch fit for a Queen

Sprout & Birdie also had sandwiches, cheese, yogurt, and fruit leather, with heart shaped eggs and fruit twists. The fruit twists were from the toddler food section, they are Gerber Graduates - I thought they were cute. I tasted them and they are good - they taste just like the fruit leather bars and the nutritional content seems the same - but you only get 1/4 of the amount for the same price as the fruit leather, so this will be the one and only time we have them!  

The girls don't like fruit chunks in their yogurt - they prefer the smooth "kids" yogurts - so I bought one six-pack of Trix yogurt, stirred the contents of one little container into two equal parts plain yogurt, then divided it between the three girls - less sugar, less money, but still smooth, yummy and a pretty pink.

Can't forget about my little Peanut Butter King! 

Today's sandwich is #25 in my 101 peanut butter sandwiches challenge! 
Nearly a quarter of the way there; only 76 more to come up with ... 

Yesterday the school age sproutlets opted for the school cafeteria hot lunch - they do breakfast for lunch on Tuesdays so they had waffles and fruit bar. There was also sausage offered but none of them care for that.  They like having the school hot lunch from time to time - but they are always ravenous when they get home those days, so I really don't get why...  and yesterday was no exception, they needed a big snack after school. I baked oatmeal muffins to go with breakfast so at least I knew they went off to school with full bellies...

Here is what the preschool girls took for lunch:

Hello Kitty thermos & a yummy bento!

Sprout wanted to take macaroni and cheese in her Hello Kitty thermos, so the small container of carrots, mozzarella and egg is hers, Birdie got the bigger one, with 2 chicken nuggets (cooked in the toaster oven - but she'll eat them cold) plus a muffin.

Some stuff used to pack these lunches:

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