Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day Lunch - Babies in Blankets!

It's Labour Day, so my sproutlets had Baby themed muffin tin meals! Okay, I know, that's the wrong kind of labour, ha ha ha, but I thought it was cute so I ran with it :)

They had Yo Baby Yogurt,  Baby Goldfish, Tater Tots, Baby Carrots, Baby Corn (something new!) & Babies in Blankets - turkey Lit'l Smokies baked into crescent roll swaddling blankets, my own cutesy twist on pigs in blankets ;)

Too bad I forgot to get a picture of Bella's - she had twins! Unfortunately, nobody liked the baby corn - Sprout wouldn't even try hers - and I have to admit, it smelled kind of pickle-ish, I didn't find it appetizing either - but they'll never try anything new if I don't offer it to them, right?!

Here are all the "Babies in Blankets" fresh from the oven. So cute! I think they'd also make perfect baby shower snacks!

● ● ● ● ●

Pickle had a puzzle sandwich to put together.
He likes working on puzzles, even on Labour Day ;)


  1. the puzzle sandwich is so cute!!! I may need to do a baby theme for when the time for our baby (we are welcoming #6 late this year) is closer! so sweet!!

  2. Your meal looks really yummy!

  3. Anonymous9/05/2011

    I was really hoping your baby themed lunch would encourage mine to come didnt

  4. I love all the long tubes in your meal. JDaniel would love them for dipping.


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