Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teddy Bear Day, you say?

Yesterday was Teddy Bear Day. I had no idea myself until I saw a facebook post by Lunchbox Fun - and since they are in Australia, it was still the night before for me, and I hadn't made the lunches yet. I was pretty wiped out from all the first day of school stuff though (remember, I have 5 kids at 3 different schools), so while I did have some fun ideas, I had zero desire to put them together. I did have bear shaped cookie cutters though, so they got a peanut butter teddy bear family. And teddy grahams :)

This is Bella's ↑ Besides the bear family, she had rolled up ham secured with a little flower party pick, baby carrots, and cucumber flowers. Beanstalk's was very similar, but I subbed apples for the veggies. And no heart for him. ... Don't the bears and flowers look so cute peeking through the Easylunchbox lid? ↓

 I also threw in a FruitaB├╝ smooshed fruit roll.

Pickle informed me that "we just had bears" (yeah, at least a month ago!) so he didn't want them again. What, no repeats? Great. I put his bears aside for Sprout & Birdie, and packed him some Cheerios and a little bottle of milk instead.

I remembered their lunchbox notes! Yay me :) I used several of the free printable ones from Bella kept hers nice for a bookmark, but Pickle's came home crumpled, crumb-covered and yogurt soaked - and who knows about Beanstalk's - I bet he hid it as soon as he read it, heheh. 

I added some baking sprinkles, stuck on with peanut butter, to Pickle's rejected bears, and made them cute for Birdie & Sprout.

Happy Teddy Bear Day my silly sproutlets!


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