Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did not, did not, did not

This morning did not go very well. I did not get up on time. Pickle did not cooperate about getting ready for school. I did not choose the sproutlets clothes last night, so I had to rush around putting outfits together this morning. I also did not give lunch any thought before going to bed so had to scramble in my preparation this morning. We did not have enough bread. Beanstalk and Sprout did not want cold lunches, so I had to make them ramen noodle soup to take in their thermoses. I did not dress the kids for the rain. We did not leave for school on time and barely made it. Birdie did not want to me to leave her at preschool and I did not want to leave her crying. Ugh.

I tried to make a cheery lunch for this not so cheery rainy day. Made a sunny fruit & veggie garden for Bella. Almonds in the blue container. For the carrot butterfly antennae I used a fork to poke 2 holes in the baby carrot and stuck carrot slivers in them.

A smaller version for Birdie. She also had a little container of ramen noodles. 
And a peanut butter sandwich Koi pond for Pickle.

Tomorrow, I will be more prepared. Tomorrow WILL go better. Fingers crossed.


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