Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feast your eyes on my sandwich cutter drawer!

I have an abundance of sandwich cutters. 26 at current count! Hey, I make a lot of sandwiches! Anyways, I needed a way to organize them all, that was easily accessible, but not out in the open - my kitchen looks cluttered enough as it is :) I thought about mounting them on the cupboard door with the Lunch Punch iGrips, but (A) there wasn't enough space on the door for all of them, and (B) that might still look cluttered.  I had pretty much resigned myself to mounting them all on the wall in the pantry/laundry room - but was still a bit dissatisfied with that, since it's outside of my prep space. Sigh.

Then we ran out of garlic salt.  As I added it to the grocery list, I decided to take inventory of all our spices and see what else we needed. I opened the spice drawer ... which is conveniently located beneath the pull-out cutting board... and has tiered rows... see where this is going... and inspiration struck! I could put the spices I reach for most often on the spice rack on the wall, and the ones I use less frequently in the cupboard above the stove - and use the tiered spice drawer for the sandwich cutters!

Before: boring old spice drawer
After: fabulous new Sandwich Cutter Drawer !

Perfecto! Each of the 5 tiers is the perfect width and depth to hold 4 sandwich cutters, and they can be stacked 2 deep - so there's room for all I have now, and more...  and see how easy it is to see all my sandwich cutting options at a glance? 

And what of the spices? This lovely wall rack holds most of them, still in proximity to the stove (on the wall right above the drawer they were in, in fact), and for the spices that didn't fit on the rack - I had the brilliant idea (if I say so myself) to make a shallow shelf across the back wall of the cupboard over the stove, using long nails and a yardstick.  Oh how I love when an organizing idea works out so well!

Yes, organizing makes me happy. I'm such a geek.
I know I'm not alone though, which is why I am perfectly comfortable sharing :)


  1. That means you'll have to buy more cutters to fill up all of the drawer space!

  2. Anonymous9/23/2011

    LOVE your yardstick shelf idea...I just might have to steal it for my kitchen.

  3. I know this is years later, but I am about to buy some sandwich cutters (transportation theme for one boy, dinos or bats for the other) and was wondering if you have a brand preference/recommendation. This is a whole wheat bread family that is usually having almond or peanut butter with jelly sandwiches.

    Any thoughts/suggestions on cutter purchasing?

    Thank you!

    1. I do! Lunch Punch & Munchkin fit the bread best of all the cutters I have, they fit every kind of bread we've tried, as they are the smallest. On the wider breads they leave a lot unused but the height is just right. I don't mind because I eat the extra :) The Evriholder ones fit most breads, sometimes there is some crust left on the dino tail or head, or the edges of the bat wings, if your kidlets are ok with crust, no worries there - and if your bread is the wider kind, might not even be an issue. All 3 make good use of all the bread in the design. The ones that make the least bread waste are the Evriholder brand (they make trains, bats, dinos, dolphins, hearts, maybe more) since they reach right to the edges of the bread. So those are my favourites. Hope that helps!


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