Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lunch Punchalooza!

We got mail! New Lunch Punches! We  Lunch Punches! 

Sure, you can use cookie cutters for sandwiches, and I do, but these sandwich cutters are my first choice;  they are so much quicker and easier, and use ALL the bread right up to the crusts, so no waste, LOVE that! And they are deeper than cookie cutters, so they easily go through all the layers of the sandwich. Their design also offers a lot more versatility than other sandwich cutters; some shapes leave imprints as well as cut out a shape, while others make a shape within a shape, that you could use together or apart, for more lunchbox fun and variety. Here's our collection of them:

The puzzle piece set comes with a pattern to make a large puzzle - what a great party snack idea, and for more than just sandwiches, you could do different cheeses, brownies & blondies, or pizza! I really do love them. My Pickle has a peanut butter sandwich every day (his choice), but with our Lunch Punches, he can still have a different sandwich every day :) Check them out! or on Facebook. Oh and this is not an official review, I'm just gushing of my own accord, heheh. Yeah, I'm a lunch packing nerd :P

Oh yeah, those little packets of white circles in the first pic - they are iGrips, you can attach them to a wall or inside a cupboard door, to hold the Lunch Punches for easy access and less kitchen drawer mess. You can use them to grip other things too, like papers, and oven mitts, but mine are for our Punches. I'm going to organize my kitchen clutter - one of my projects now that school's back in. Pics to come!

Anyways... enough of me blathering on about my new toys...
Here's Pickle's lunch from today. The first sandwich we made from our new sets had to be a train, Pickle loves trains. I made an extra half sandwich and used the top corner of the Punch to make 2 more box cars :

I was able to fit the train, plus a dish of yogurt, in a Snapware container that fit perfectly in his BuiltNY lunch tote. The dish is a Take'n'Toss, which fit flush with the Snapware lid, no spill over. If I wasn't out of oatmeal cookies I would have stuck one in there too, but Pickle was so pleased with his train, lining it up then eating it caboose to engine, that he didn't even miss his cookie :) 

Here's my Pickle with his little sisters, all ready for their first day of preschool today:


  1. hilarious...i just did the same thing. got my boxes delivered yesterday! can't wait to play with these over the next few weeks!

  2. I love Lunch Punches but have yet to buy any (why I do not know) That's the best way to do it, buy them all at once! Come on I know you like EasyLunchBoxes, stop by for our giveaway today ;)

  3. Thanks for the heads up StephD! And thanks for all the inspiration! A Pocket Full of Buttons was one of the first blogs that made me want to blog!

  4. Anonymous5/02/2013

    Wow! I just love your blog! My 11 year old Kiara says that she wants to have peanut trains (That's what she calls them), even though she doesn't really ADORE peanuts. I was surprised when she came home from school and asked for more peanut trains. ;)


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