Friday, September 2, 2011

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere

Bella & Sprout had friends over for lunch, which meant 7 kids to feed, so I made up the fruit portions before I went to bed and added the English muffin pizzas in the morning. They had polka dot mini pizzas, rainbow grape & tomato kebabs, Gala & Granny Smith apple stripes, and a canteloupe & honeydew melon checkerboard. They all loved stabbing their melon squares with the skewers to pick them up :)

This lunch was surprisingly quick to put together x 5! I sliced the apples first and let them soak in a bowl of water and lemon juice while I cut the melons, that really worked well to keep them from browning. I still want to pick up some ascorbic acid powder to try though, as Bella said she could taste the lemon.

Pickle's peanut butter sandwich was made to match with a brown and white checkerboard. I didn't have any white bread, but I did have white wheat hot dog buns, so I sliced the crust off the bottom of one and used that for the white squares, it did the trick... and I ate the sliced off crust with my morning coffee - no waste! Heheh :)

Oh, and if you did the math and wondered about the 7th lunch, Beanstalk was too cool to eat cute lunches with the kiddies in the family room. My big boy took his ramen noodle soup, apple slices, and an Archie comic to the dining room, away from all the giggling girls waving their colorful skewers like wands - and can you blame him? ★

I also have to add, I love these stackable, nestable, colourful EasyLunchboxes! I'm making my own better-than-lunchables!

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  1. Great idea using patterns; vibrant colors work really well. I would love to have your opinion on my blog
    Bobbie from

  2. Love the idea of using patterns as a theme, I will have to remember that :)

  3. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Just wondering where you found the awesome skewers in the first picture...

    1. They are drink swizzle sticks, like these found with the barware at Walmart.

    2. Oh, and I carefully trimmed their length to fit the container :)


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