Friday, September 30, 2011

Butterflies & Autumn Leaves

Bella has an autumn themed lunch again. I just love fall, and leaves, and I love the colours of this lunch. ♥  It's pretty yummy too - I know, I nibbled quite a bit when I was making it up ;) She has grapes, carrots, & tomatoes,  a homemade pumpkin oatmeal muffin I baked last night, leaf shaped ham & cheese quesadilla, a treat of leaf shaped butter cookies, and fruit leather leaves.

Here is my picky picky Beanstalk's lunch. Mandarin orange, string cheese, Power Bar, grapes, and pumpkin oatmeal muffin.

Pickle had a leaf shaped peanut butter sandwich. This is a typical lunch for him. Sandwich, yogurt, apple juice. Sometimes I include an oatmeal cookie. Yesterday he had 2 sandwiches so I didn't add a cookie, but I will today.

Bento of the Week

Yesterday the lunches were full of butterflies :) Birdie & Sprout had butterfly pasta, carrots, grapes, butterfly shaped cheddar, & butterfly crackers with butterfly shaped mozzarella slices in between. Lots of butterflies! Sprout won't eat the veggie pasta so I picked out just the plain ones for her. Thankfully Birdie isn't as picky about her noodles!

Bella got a butterfly PB sandwich, a little pink box of almonds with a mozzarella butterfly on the lid, tomatoes with cheese butterflies, and the same crackers and cheese as the little girls.

Pickle got butterflies too! I had a little more fun with his :)

Beanstalk took a bowl of cereal, and orange, and little bottle of milk for lunch yesterday. I didn't get a picture. And I didn't make lunch for the little girls today, because their Sailor Boy dad took the morning off to stay home with them and they want him to make them macaroni & cheese from a box.  I'm going to be at the salon all morning, that's my birthday gift from my folks! ♥ Happy Friday to me, and to you too!

Some stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Super cute lunches, I too am so glad fall has arrived. I love doing the fall and Halloween themed bentos, yay! Love the leaf cookies and butterfly crackers!

  2. Anonymous9/30/2011

    Hey, I am totally enjoying all your ideas here. You honour seasonal and holiday themes and give nice suggestions. Just wondering why the one boy sticks with peanut butter sandwich everyday, albeit in adorable shapes.

    Thanks, and happy blogging!

  3. He has autism, and is is happiest when following a routine, and also has a very short list of foods he likes. Of those foods, a peanut butter sandwich and yogurt is the most practical to pack for his lunch. The school day can be unpredictable at times, but he knows he can count on what's in his lunch - that comforts him :) I make it different shapes for fun and variety - for both of us!

  4. Anonymous10/01/2011

    Thanks so much for your prompt answer. My cousin has Asperger's and does not like a lot of variety in his diet, either. So I was wondering if it was a similar situation.

    Again, thanks for sharing all the great ideas! I was envisioning autumn leaf-shaped fruit leather cutouts today for my kids' lunches.

  5. Great ideas! Check out the new bento meme at Bento Blog Network. This week's theme is Anything Goes and you can post your bento links until 8pm CST on Tuesday and then voting will be enabled for people to pick their favorite, which will become the featured bento of the following week. This theme specific meme is posted each Friday. Next week's theme will be Smiles.

  6. Just found your blog! I am sorry if this has been asked before but where did you find the leaf cutters? I am new to bento and starting up a collection. :)

  7. Hi awesomevegan (very cute name BTW) - all the leaf cutters are by Wilton. The small ones came in a Halloween set, but you can also get them as part of a Harvest set - search Wilton mini cookie cutter on Amazon and they should both come up. The large leaf is a Wilton Comfort Grip cutter - this one:

  8. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I got the Wilton Holiday Set today at an overstock store! I was shocked. I need some fall ones! I will check Amazon and the craft stores. They have huge baking sections. It is a big help to know the brand. :)

  9. Love your blog and idea. Can you tell me the brand of the butterfly cracker?
    I'm happy to see even an autist can enjoy pretty lunch, my son is one also.

    1. Thanks! The butterfly crackers come with the Pepperidge Farm Entertainment Quartet variety.


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