Monday, September 26, 2011

Blustery Day

What a blustery, rainy morning we are having! I kind of like it, to be honest, the wind and wet outside makes my home seem all the cozier inside by comparison :) I like the cooler days that fall brings. Yesterday I simmered orange slices, cinnamon and cloves on my stove, just for the smell of it, and the orange and yellow leaves blowing past the windows made me smile.

But this weather is not so nice for my school-age sproutlets, whose classrooms may be a bit gloomy, and who won't get outdoor recess - so I tried to put a little sunshine into lunch time. Smiling sun cheese quesadilla (atop the scraps from cutting it out), turkey rolled up on flower picks, grapes, and salad. Bright, cheerful oranges & greens.

An elephant mama & baby PB sandwich for Pickle. 

This Lunch Punch reminds me of Disney's Dumbo, which reminds me of the lullabye "Baby Mine" that I sang to my Pickle at bedtime when he was a baby, and still do to this day. I doubt he will think of that when he opens his lunch, but it brought a smile to MY morning  


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