Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall for Lunch

Autumn is finally here, my favourite time of year! For the first day of Fall, the sproutlets are getting colourful autumn themed lunches. The vibrant colours of their EasyLunchboxes lids are so fall-ish too! 

Fruit Leather Leaves
Here is Bella's bento - she has cinnamon pumpkin pancakes, covered with "fallen leaves" cut from fruit leather roll-ups, Bugles corn chip "horns o'plenty",  cheese pumpkins & leaves, green & red grapes, and Granny Smith apple wedges. I love this lunch!  ♥ 

Bella's Autumn Bento

Beanstalk didn't want cheese or grapes, but he had peanuts & raisins. 
He also ate most of his fruit leather leaves while I was packing the lunches!
(I gave him a plain un-cut roll to take with him)

Beanstalk's Autumn Bento

Birdie and Sprout both had the same thing as Bella but in smaller portions.

Birdie & Sprout's Autumn bentos

And last of all, for my Pickle's first day of Fall, a pumpkin shaped peanut butter sandwich on white wheat decorated with bite sized whole wheat leaf and acorn mini peanut butter sandwiches. And yogurt and oatmeal cookies as usual :)

Pickle's Autumn Bento

Don't the leaf & acorn fruit leather roll-ups look appetizing? So pretty too! I almost wanted to stick them on the windows instead of in the lunches!

Cutting fruit leather leaves for fall lunches

Time to start decking my halls for Fall!

Stuff I used to make these Fall Lunches:


  1. Love the fruit roll up leaves!

  2. Anonymous9/24/2011

    I've been thinking of doing a Fall Lunch Bag for my little guy for Monday. GREAT ideas!

  3. I obsessed with these pictures Cristi!! And I love the one with the TEXT on it!! That looks so fab. Really eye-catching! :)


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