Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wheel-y Yummy

Some of today's lunches have a car theme :) I made Pickle's "cars in traffic" sandwiches first, then decided to roll with it and give Birdie some cars too:

Birdie's Sassy box bento has an egg-shaped car, a sandwich ball car, a cheese car with turkey dog wheels, and some carrot spare tires. The cheddar car broke when I was cutting it out but she won't mind :)

Pickle has two "cars in traffic" peanut butter sandwiches. He really liked last week's Christmas Tree Farm tractor - he liked that it had a story to it, and it sparked a conversation. I like anything that gets him using his imagination and interacting! So today I used the car and truck shapes from our Lunch Punch Vrrrm! set,  cut extra boxes for the back of the truck, and made a story to go with them. The story is that the truck is all loaded up with a delivery, and driving very slowly, and the car behind it is in a hurry, and annoyed at how slowly the truck is going, and worried that the pile of boxes will fall down on his hood! I asked Pickle to think up what might be in the boxes, and why the driver of the car is in such a hurry - and told him that if he likes he can make the boxes tumble on the car before he eats them :)

No cars in Bella's lunch. She got a Thermos of spaghetti and a salad. I like this little container for packing something that needs to be kept cold when the rest of the lunch doesn't - it has it's own ice pack that fits inside. 

Bento Lunch


  1. Great lunches. I like the sandwich ball car.

  2. Do your kiddos like the hard boiled eggs plain or do they like to dip or sprinkle stuff on them? One of my girls likes them, but the other does not. Trying to figure out a trick to get her to like them. Super cute lunches as always :)

  3. Corey, they eat them plain - but they nibble all around until they get to the yolk - like eating an apple to the core - and then they won't eat that. But maybe one day they will - until I started molding them the only way they'd eat eggs was scrambled, and then only hot.


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