Friday, November 25, 2011

Hooray, it's Puzzle Cookie Day!

Today's post and title is brought to you by my 7 year old, the one we call Pickle. He asked "Will you share my cookie creation on your lunch website?" and how could I say no? So here you go my Pickle, your oatmeal cookie creations, with the title you chose :)

"See my puzzle cookies? I made them like a puzzle. What should I call this creation? I know, how about 'hooray, it's puzzle cookie day'? That rhymes!"

Look , it's an X-Men cookie! 

Oh if only I'd had my camera at the ready on the video setting, because right after he arranged his cookies like that, he did a little bum wiggle dance, singing "I'm so creative, oh yeah, oh yeah, booyah, booyah, booty booty booty". It was one of those hard not to laugh and impossible not to smile moments. Ah well, I'm pretty sure it's permanently recorded on my brain :)

It's kind of funny how he loves puzzles so much, since the puzzle piece has become a recognized symbol for autism. He also loves comments! Sometimes he asks me to post something on facebook and then pesters me all day checking for comments - so it would be awesome if you'd leave one for him either here or on my Facebook page! Thanks if you do 


  1. Fantastic, Pickle! You are one creative little man! Love your X-Man cookie!

  2. Looks good. Very proud of you son.

  3. I love this post, it is the cutest thing ever! I am a mom and I know how proud we are of our little peanuts!!
    Tell your son that he is creative and that the title for the post was simply perfect! I will definitely show my son the x-men cookies, I know he is going to like that idea too!

  4. Kidlet and I love the X-Men cookie puzzle! Very cool and creative :D

  5. As a proud Auntie of an Autistic nephew, I have to say Pickel, your puzzle cookies are amazing! I love how creative you were in making the X-men cookie. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Love the puzzle cookie! Very very creative! :)

  7. Anonymous11/27/2011

    My daughter loves your cookie puzzle so much we had to try making our own. Great creativity and thanks for sparking our creativity!

  8. Awesome job Pickle!

  9. So cute! Great idea to make a puzzle cookie, keep up the good work!

  10. My daughter would LOVE puzzle cookie day activity! She likes playing with bits of things and finding new ways to use them! Especially if she can EAT them at the end! :)

  11. Anonymous5/27/2013

    You rock Pickle! Keep dancin! Gotta love puzzles!
    Next time me and my daughter does a puzzle, Ill definitely think of you!

    1. Thank you, Pickle is thrilled to have a fresh comment on his post :)

  12. Love your puzzle cookie Pickle!! I bet it was very yummy too!


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