Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cow Won't Jump Over The Moon

Pickle's peanut butter sandwiches make me giggle. It was late when I made them, and I was tired and goofy.  I made him a Hey Diddle Diddle spin-off:

So here we have the cow who jumped over the moon, only that was a long time ago, and now she's a mama cow, and she's trying to get her little calf to go to sleep. And the little dog, the same one who laughed to see such fun, is barking at her from his doghouse, "Hey, Cow, check out that moon, don't you want to jump over it? But the cow is all "Shhh! No! I'm a mama cow now, no more daredevil shenanigans for me!" And the little dog is pouting, saying "Aw, you're no fun anymore." Heheh. Pickle really liked that little story.

For Bella and the little girls, bentos bright with the colours of fall foliage:

Carrots, grapes & cheese for all, plus sweet orange bell peppers and peanut butter sandwich hearts for Bella. I made them each a carrot heart, but I wasn't sure about sending such a pointy pick in 2 year old Birdie's lunch, so I had to come up with another way to hold her carrot heart together...

... and I did:

I cut slits in the carrot heart halves where the picks would go through if I was using picks. You can probably tell where this is going.

Like my happy thumb nail? Sprout & I played nail salon :)

I cut a sliver from another carrot, and using it in lieu of a pick, pushed it through the slits to connect the pieces, then trimmed what was left sticking out.

Ta da! Toddler friendly carrot heart :)

If you missed the original carrot hearts post and want
 to see the full instructions, with picks, click here.

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  1. I made my daughter carrot hearts to take in her lunch today! I also blogged about it! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the pick-free approach!

  3. So cute!!! Love your thumb nail smiley!!!


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