Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Sweet Surprise!

Bella's going to be surprised when she opens her lunch tote today! For one, she's got a pink sandwich box instead of her usual Easy Lunchbox - but that's not the real surprise... the real surprise is what's inside it... a sandwich that looks like a cupcake! With a cherry on top!

Yep,  my Sweet set of Lunch Punches is here, and they are fabulous! There's a cupcake, a gumball machine, a cake, and ice cream cones - I don't know which one I love most! Oh, I just love Lunch Punches period.  Hands down my favourite cutters. They fit the bread best - all kinds of breads - so there's neither crust still left on nor excess bread left over, and the designs are so cute! They really do make lunch fun :) I've got the gumball machine one on deck for tomorrow's lunches!

Pickle opted for the school's pancake lunch today rather than take his usual peanut butter sandwich, so he'll have to wait for tomorrow for his Sweet sandwich, but here are everyone else's lunches:

Along with the cupcake peanut butter sandwich, with fruit leather cherry on top, Bella got a satsuma orange and the rest of the fruit leather roll that I cut the cherry from. And surprise, my big boy Beanstalk let me snap a pic of what he took today! I know, way too exciting, a banner day ;) Clif Kid Z Bar, cheese crackers, raisins, and a satsuma orange.

Birdie took her Nibble Tray to preschool, filled with some satsuma orange segments, cheese shapes, some pieces of Clif Z bar, and some raisins.

I had forgotten that today was pizza day though, provided by the school, so it stayed in her lunch box. I pick her up at noon, and as it happened Sprout hadn't had lunch yet (some days she eats before we pick up Birdie, some days after when we get home) so I put it out for them to share, with some cocoa. Sprout ate most of it, since Birdie was pretty full from her pizza.

Ooooh, less than 2 days until my giveaway! And even less time than now by the time you are reading this :)  Check the countdown ticker at the top right to see when to come back and enter!


  1. Super Cute! :)

    Excited for you and your first giveaway!!

  2. Love the cherry on top! heheh Soooo excited for your giveaway!


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