Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Manly Lunch

Sailor Boy's workmates tease him about his lunch bag - they call it his "lunch purse".  It's the same kind our sproutlets take their lunch in - a Built neoprene tote - except his is solid black instead of colourful print. It doesn't look like a purse to me, but... I don't have man-vision.

So anyways, this past weekend we had a night out with his co-workers, and the "lunch purse" came up in conversation. I tried to tell the guys that's it's not a purse, it's a tote... "It's called the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote" I informed them... but apparently that just made it funnier. He told me he loved me but I wasn't helping - and lots of laughs were had at his expense :)

I felt like I should pretend to feel bad, so today, I made him a special lunch to make up for giving his buddies fresh material. Hopefully the yumminess will take some of the sting out of the teasing :)

I made a cheddar and pepper-jack quesadilla, and since he works in aviation I used an airplane in the clouds Lunch Punch to cut it up. I also cut a cheese plane with a Wilton cookie cutter, and filled the other 2 compartments of his Easylunchbox with fruit.

As a final touch, I added a little message to the lid : 

I bet all that teasing about his lunch bag comes from sour grapes - those guys are just jealous of the lunches inside it  :)


  1. awww, so sweet and love the note on top! ;)

  2. Super cute! I have sent mine to work with an Easy Lunchboxes everyday this week! hehe

  3. My hubby has the lock & lock set with the pinkish striped bag. He doesn't care! I love the hope it flies by! Cute!

  4. This is so adorable. The alternating grape color are fab. The only reason his co-workers give him a hard time is cuz they're totally jealous. He's one lucky guy ;)

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