Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tart & Tangy

I'm snickering at my pun of a title :) Here is Bella's Easy Lunchbox containing a pumpkin tart, and tangy teriyaki orange chicken with chopped veggies and noodles. This is actually some of my dinner from last night. Bella liked hers so much that she had seconds, and still asked if she could take some for lunch the next day... but there wasn't any left! So I scraped half of mine aside for her to have today - oh the sacrifices we make for our children ;)

The pumpkin tart is one of the 6 dozen I made last night for my school age sproutlets to share with their respective classmates today. I used a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut the dough circles so the crust would have a wee stem and the tartlets would look like little pumpkins. I think they kind of do... The bell pepper rounds holding the grape tomatoes were Baby Bird's idea - she was with me when I went for groceries and insisted I get a pepper for her big sister - how sweet is that? ♥

Birdie took a Dr. Sears Nibble Tray full of various fruits and veggies. We just got this container and I love it! The little compartments are perfect for when we get down to the last few pieces of things, and the portions are just right for her teeny tot tummy. I really do love this nibble tray, it's adorable and practical.

You can see on the right side, there are little tabs - that's where the dip tray clips on. Without the dip tray, it's about the same proportions as a Sassy box. It's so cute with the dip tray attached - it looks like a pineapple! The dip tray has an EZ-freeze base to keep what's in it perfectly chilled. There are even cute little happy food characters molded into the compartments, to give you suggestions what to put in there, or something for your tot to uncover as they eat :)  Here's a pic of it empty, check it out!

*This is not a review, I didn't get one free - this is just me gushing all of my own accord :)  

Pickle and Beanstalk didn't need lunches, their classes are having "Thanksgiving feasts", and Sprout wanted scrambled eggies... so that's it for packed lunches for the next 4 days. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Enjoy your long weekend :)

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  1. Very cute. I love the pumpkin tart. I also have the nibble tray and really like it.

  2. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is great, I'll be adding you to my reading list. =)

  3. Thanks for reviewing the Dr. Sears tray. I saw it the other day on Amazon and was wondering if it was good. I am new to bento and thought it looked like a good option for my 18-month-old for preschool twice a week.

  4. You know your doing something right...if you kids ask for seconds and it's all healthy. My kids have no problem asking for seconds...if its ice cream! ;)

  5. I have been eyeing that nibble tray for a bit now. Looks adorable.


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