Monday, November 21, 2011

Monkey Business!

Apparently there are a few rules to follow when making cute lunches, and one of them is that if I use a food pick with a shape, the lunch's name must reflect that shape. This is according to my 9 year old Bella. So when she asked what her lunch was called, Cheese Quesadilla Lunch was the wrong answer... what about the monkeys! Poor monkeys, what was I thinking? This lunch needed a new name! Thankfully Bella came up with Monkey Business ;)

I'll have to thank her again when she gets home from school - she gave me a cute theme for her little sisters' muffin tin meals :) Here is one of Birdie & Sprout's Monkey Business lunches in a Wilton flower mini tin: 

Banana chips & raisins, a banana half, a banana cookie, banana pudding, a monkey peanut butter sandwich (with mozzarella cheese eyes and chocoladehagel details) and watermelon hearts, just because Birdie wanted some watermelon :) Sprout's had a half a carrot in place of the banana, she doesn't like bananas - but I think it's a texture thing, since she will still eat most banana flavoured foods. They really loved the little monkey sandwiches!


Pickle didn't get a Monkey Business lunch - I had his peanut butter sandwiches ready before the monkey theme came about.

He had a Christmas Tree train, made with a Lunch Punch and a Wilton mini cookie cutter. He had a Christmas Tree farm tractor several lunches back, so the continuation of that lunch's story is that now the trees have been loaded on a train bound for the city, because Thanksgiving is days away and people are going to want to put up their Christmas trees soon! I may have set myself up though, because now he wants to go pick out our tree right after Thanksgiving!


Some stuff used to make these lunches: 


  1. I love your monkey sandwich!

  2. Hey Candy Girl, just an FYI, I tried to pull your new button to put up on my blog love page, and the new button code still shows up as the old one.

  3. Thanks Corey! I fixed it :)

  4. No monkeying around here! Cute!

  5. Great meals. I love that monkey sandwich. Puts the one I tried a few weeks ago to shame. Monkey theme is great.

  6. Love the little monkey sandwich.

  7. These are so cute! I really love the monkey theme.

  8. Such cute lunches and too funny about the naming of them! I love the Christmas tree train. If it makes you feel any better, we put our tree up already. Have fun!
    Little Wonders' Days


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