Thursday, November 3, 2011

Déjà Vu

Yep, you've seen these penguins before...
The girls asked me to make them again today :)

Birdie's bento has a penguin cheddar cheese sandwich today, a few mozzarella snowballs, half a frozen peach puck, and yogurt. The fruit puck is pureed peaches, frozen into a puck shape in a silicone muffin tin. It will thaw to a slushy consistency by lunch, yum! This great fruity treat idea came from Becka of Just a Bunch of Momsense :) I put a note across the lids of the fruit puree and yogurt containers so whoever helps her open her lunch knows not to turn them sideways.

Bella has a penguin peanut butter sandwich embellished with Hershey's syrup by request (she got the idea for using syrup to paint details on sandwiches from looking at What's In John's Lunch Bag? with me), celery, some mozzarella snowballs, a frozen peach puck cut in 2 halves to fit, and fish-shaped ham "penguin food". The celery is really just there to keep the breadcrumbs off the cheese, but she'll probably eat that too :)

Hey, today is National Sandwich Day! Every day is sandwich day for my Pickle :) Today he has a Christmas tree farm tractor peanut butter sandwich, ho ho ho :) The tractor and trailer sandwich cutter I used is a very special Lunch Punch, it's from a limited edition set only available in Australia, so I'm afraid I can't post a link to purchase this one. But there IS a new Lunch Punch set coming out very soon that WILL be available all around, wheee!

Sprout was home with Sailor Boy today while I was out getting my hair done and going to the dentist... he made her scrambled "eggies" for lunch. He doesn't do cute or take pictures though :)

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  1. If it makes them happy, why not? I like the dark coloring of the penguins on the celery.


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