Monday, November 14, 2011

Always Remember I Love You

Today's lunch is all orange, red, pink, and yellow;  I wanted warm girly colours for my Bella on this cold and dreary Monday. I gave her red bell  pepper strips, turkey & mozzarella  roll-ups on pink and orange heart party picks, baby carrot hearts on pink and yellow heart party picks, some rosy Jazz apple with a heart shape peeled from it before it was sliced, and grape tomatoes in a pink muffin cup. I stuck pink elephant picks in the red veggies, and told her that elephants never forget anything, so they would remind her that I love her when she opened her lunch ♥  Corny, yeah, but Bella loves corny :)

Remember I Love You Elephant Bento

Pickle got elephants and love in his lunch too. I didn't really make up a story to go with his sandwiches today, I just told him the same thing I told Bella, and I was pretty sure the heart in the yogurt would be gone by lunch time, so I showed it to him before I put the lid on. Yeah, he couldn't have cared less, lol. Oh well, it made me happy to make it for him. And I just love the mama & baby elephant Lunch Punch sandwich cutter, the little elephant calf sandwiches it makes are just so darn cute!

Elephant Lunch Punch Lunch

Bean Sprout and Baby Bird had fruit & veggies for lunch, but I didn't get any pics. They were gobbling up the carrot hearts as fast I could make them.  Aren't they cute? A super easy way to cutesy up a lunch too:

 How to make Carrot Hearts

Start with baby carrots - they already have rounded ends - and pick out 
some plump ones, they're less likely to split when you skewer them.  
 Slice them on the diagonal.

Flip over one of the pieces of diagonally sliced carrot. 
 The two halves make a heart :)

 Skewer the pieces of carrot so that the flat ends fit flush. 

  Voilà - carrot hearts!

ETA 11/18/11:
To see how I made these toddler-safe (no picks) click the pic:

* I didn't come up with these carrot hearts on my own, I've seen them done before somewhere, but can't remember where - if anyone knows, could you please leave a comment? Thanks!


  1. Look how cute and simple those carrot hearts are. My daughter might even eat them if I did hearts!

  2. Great tutorial! Love it!

  3. I don't know, putting things on a pick is awfully hard! ;) lol
    SUPER CUTE!! Love the elephants, hearts, and overall theme.

  4. How pretty! Love your carrot hearts! :))

  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! It's a good way to let our children know that their lunches were made and packed with LOVE :) I will absolutely adapt it to my kids' bento lunches too.

  6. What sweet lunches. I love the carrot hearts.

  7. such cute lunches I've steamed the carrots also for these once steamed, I use a stick of vermicelli (raw) to secure them, my lunch time they have softened
    (here's my link for them )

    1. I knew I'd seen them somewhere! Thank you!


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