Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't Let's Be Silly!

I heard those words, spoken in the voice of Disney's Mad Hatter, in my head as I got silly with Sprout's lunch today :) She wanted "just eggies" (scrambled eggs) - how dull. I decided to liven them up with a little Lunch Punch action, heheh. I don't think it says anywhere that they can only be used to cut sandwiches! So here's my Sprout's not a bit dull Flower Garden eggie lunch. I almost didn't get a picture, she wanted to dig right in!

I used the flower Lunch Punch from the whimsical Sand*wishes* set on a solid piece of scrambled egg (cooked in a glass dish in the microwave) and also to cut some extra cheese flowers. Then I filled the flower shaped hole in the centre with grape tomatoes.  I didn't waste the cut off bits of egg either, I tucked them underneath :) Much cuter than plain eggs don't you think?

To be honest, I think Sprout was most excited about getting to use a little knife - her scrambled eggs are usually bite size, so I only give her a fork. She really was quite gleeful as she cut up her eggies :)


  1. Oh yes, the nails :) She was given a nail decorating kit for her 5th birthday and we had just played nail salon. You should see how she did mine! LOL

  2. So cute! What a fun way to have eggies :D


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