Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank You For Your Service!

As a military family,  we are reminded daily of the sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces make. A cutesy lunch seems like a pretty trivial way to honour that, but, I did want to observe the day, so...  since all the sproutlets will be home Veterans Day, I packed a Veterans Day themed school lunch today. I kept it really simple so everyone, including picky Pickle, could enjoy the same lunch. The older kids got theirs in an Easy Lunchbox and the younger girls got a smaller version in a Sassy box :

I used a Lunch Punch to make an airplane in the clouds peanut butter sandwich to represent those who defended from the skies, blue vanilla yogurt represents those who served at sea, and green apple soldier gummies represent those who were part of the ground forces. There are also some oatmeal cookies cut into stars. The soldiers are in a red cup to represent the red poppies my fellow Canadians wear on our version of Veterans Day, also November 11th, called Remembrance Day. Since my American Sailor Boy, our sproutlets and I live in the USA, I wasn't able to find a poppy - next year I'll make or order some ahead of time :)

The camouflage backdrop is a piece of their Daddy's uniform from when he was in Iraq. We are so proud of him, and thankful for him and his fellow service members, and especially grateful to all those who served and fought for the freedom we enjoy today!


  1. What a lovely lunch. We will be wearing our poppies tomorrow.

  2. A bit belated - but thank you to your husband and your family for what you do.


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