Monday, November 7, 2011

Starring : Lunch!

I got the cute idea for writing on a plastic lid from a tip and photo shared by fan on the Easy Lunchboxes Facebook page,  and made a mental note of it; too bad I didn't remember that she used dry-erase markers! I used a Sharpie... oops! We'll see if it comes off after school, if not, oh well, I'll just keep adding to the doodles every time I use this particular  lid :)

Bella had a bunch of stars in one compartment of her lunch today; star-shaped carrot slices and mozzarella cheese bits. She also had a dinner roll, and some chicken and tomato kebabs on a bed of lettuce.  No dressing for my Bella, she likes her lettuce plain!

Pickle's sandwich was made of the two ends of the loaf turned crust side in. I made star imprints with a Play-Doh stamp on one side.

Mister Picky Beanstalk packed his own lunch as he is doing more often than not these days. He took a Clif KidZ Bar, a vanilla Boost, and a Jazz Apple.


  1. looks yummy - I want that lunch! ;)

  2. Adorable! I need to do this for my own kids. Superstars of course ;)


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