Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Domo Bento for Bella

Bella and her schoolmates are crazy about Domo, so I made him for lunch!

Domo-Kun is a ham sandwich with mozzarella string cheese teeth and arms, and Craisin eyes. He was supposed to be made of brown bread but it went moldy (yuck!) Domo is standing on whole wheat fig newtons and surrounded by more Craisins and some sprigs of celery. On the side are some carrots and cucumbers, and a checkered Gala apple - which Domo hates but Bella loves :)

 ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Pickle has a toy that is a set of gears - he loves turning gears - and one of the scallop-edged cookie cutters I have reminds me of them, so I made him a couple of peanut butter sandwich "gears" :)

See more delicious Domo bentos from some of my blogger friends!

Jenn of Bento for Kidlet 
matched Kidlet's t-shirt!

Since Domo hatched from an egg,
 Keeley McGuire included one
 in her lunch for Little Miss...
... and dreaded apple(sauce)!

Sheri of Happy Little Bento 
packed Domo for a field trip...
... and as a mini sandwich -
 with more apples, poor Domo!

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  1. YAY Domo!!! Your Domo is awesome :D he must have gotten spooked by something that's why he turned white lol

  2. I love the Domo bento!!!! You're so creative!

  3. Ooo yay! I will have to show Little Miss when I get home tomorrow night! She will love. :)

  4. Haha, a Domo bento:D So awesome^^


  5. Your Domo is too cute, love, love this! I've always wanted to make Domo, but yet to do so. :)

    1. Thanks! I know, when I was adding the links to other Domo lunches, I looked to see if you had done one :) If you did, no doubt it would be awesome!

  6. kidlet t shirt was awesome!


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