Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Not Always Pretty...

Lunch is not always pretty. Some days I just don't have it together. Today was one of those days. I got up on time, but there was no coffee waiting for me (boy do I miss that when Sailor Boy's on a trip) and I just wasn't moving very fast. It's so light when we get up these days too - this morning I just had this summery Saturday-ish feeling that was hard to shake off and get moving to get the sproutlets off to school. I made it though, with adequate lunches in their bags, but only just :) One more month of school, wow!

Here is Bella's lunch, the only one I took a photo of - taken last minute, at her request,  with my iPhone :)

Heh, OK, so it doesn't look half-bad now - but this morning I was apologetic to her... I guess I felt bad that it was so thrown together, theme-less, and full of snack-y things. She has a mango fruit leather bar, a few grapes, some chocolate-covered pretzel rings, 3 fig newtons, some celery sticks with a  little container of peanut butter dip, 4 baby carrots, and a handful of tomatoes I stuck some flower picks in, attempting to add some pretty :)

Oh, I just remembered something! I was looking at my blog stats recently, and someone found my blog with the search "mom who looks like they have it all together". Honestly, it was so funny to me (because I am so not that mom),  that I had to take a screen shot!

So for the person who found me with that search,  thanks for the smile, but I assure you, I'm just a regular parent who doesn't have it together most of the time - but it's nice to know it looks like I do - it reminds me not to compare myself to others and find myself lacking, because what I see is only part of the picture - and with blogs, and facebook, only what people want me to see!

The truth is, some days I'm so scattered or rushed, that as much as I aspire to give my sproutlets better lunches, I could totally just throw a pop tart and a juice box in their bag, if I had those things (which is exactly why I don't buy them anymore)!  I don't bother taking pictures on those days, but believe me, there are plenty of boring, not so pretty, sometimes barely nutritionally adequate lunches that never make it to a post :) And sometimes I do make lunch with convenience snacks :


  1. Oh wow - no pressure, but 'mom who has it all together'!!
    Too funny.
    And thanks for the photo from a less than perfect day. I feel slightly better about my own attempts at lunches for the girls.

  2. Haha! I love looking at the search terms on Google Stats. For the record, you DO look like you have it all together - so good job!

  3. Anonymous5/15/2012

    If that's your thrown together lunch, you are amazing. My thrown together days are a pack of peanut butter crackers and a banana and a drinkable yogurt, and even then the teachers have told me that most kids don't get a bento lunch, they get are lucky to get a sandwich and or a granola bar.

    1. I did say I have "those days", there just aren't any photos of them! I have sent Beanstalk with a Clif bar, a box of raisins and a Boost more than a few times :) Sadly, that's usually still better than the hot lunch options.

  4. I'd say that you've got it together! Love the little daisy picks!!!

  5. I think the fact that you manage to feed all those kids something at all is amazing :D Some days I can barely do it with just one to worry about!

  6. Love the screen shot! I've had a couple lately too that are thrown together quickly but you're asbolutely right you can still make them delightful and healthy EVEN when done quickly!!


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