Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lunch for the Man & a Gumball Sandwich ;)

I wrote a little note on the lid of Sailor Boy's EasyLunchbox, with Dry Erase marker: "Have a great day! Love from your favourite chick!", and inside there is a little yellow chick pick in his strawberries - heh heh :)

He got pizza dippers - a leftover slice of Papa Murphy's cheese pizza cut in bite sized pieces, with some marinara sauce to dip them in - a couple of peppers, and a pepperoni butterfly. On the side he has fresh strawberry slices (with a chick pick) and some NatureBox Cranberry Jubilee snack mix.

Gumballs for lunch for Pickle! Ha ha, not really - he has a peanut butter sandwich made with a gumball machine shaped Lunch Punch, embellished with bread crust gumballs (stuck on with peanut butter).

Bella had ham & cheddar on wheat sandwich thins, mozzarella bites on heart picks, celery & peppers, Kashi Fire Roasted Veggie crackers, and a couple of whole wheat Fig Newtons.

Beanstalk's PlanetBox contained some honey ham, red grapes, a Clif Z Bar, raisins, and pomegranate & blueberry fruit leather.

Beanstalk also got a yogurt drink, not shown. His Nalgene cup has gone missing so I let him pick out some convenience drinks to take until we get a new one, and he chose yogurt shakes. 

Anyone with older kids have a favourite reusable drink container? Recommendation comments welcome!

Stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Both my girls love their Sigg Bottles.
    They have them in a couple of sizes - the small one is perfect for days when I know they won't drink much, and the bigger ones are great in the Summer or when they have sport at school.
    I also love how you can get new lids and tops, so the bottles themselves last for ages.

  2. What lunchbox do you put your easy lunchboxes in?

    1. They fit perfectly and stay upright in our BuiltNY Gourmet Getaway Totes. I have an album on my facebook page with photos : What Fits in our Built Lunchbags We also have the EasyLunchbox cooler bag but they don't fit in her backpacks so we rarely use them for school, more for taking multiple Easylunchboxes to the park etc.

  3. is having a sale on their kid Siggs right now! I'll forward you the email :)

  4. Such cute ideas! I absolutely love the gumball and butterfly techniques - I definitely need to try those. ^^

  5. I love it! But do kids really eat such little amount of food?

    1. Thanks :) Beanstalk is 10, and rarely eats even that much! Pickle is 8, and also gets a yogurt and apple juice - I just rarely include them in the photo. Bella, who is 9, often does eat all of hers, but if not, finishes whatever she didn't eat at lunch on the ride home. I know their individual appetites, and yes, those are pretty average lunches for them - and they also only get 15-20 minutes to eat!

  6. Great lunches! That pepperoni butterfly is too cute! My kiddies eat the similar amount of food... They are busy chatting and eating during that time. :)


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