Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks a Latte & I'm Back :)

Today wraps up Teacher Appreciation Week! All week long I've been noticing the wonderful ways my fellow parents have been recognizing & thanking their children's teachers for all they do, but until last night I felt too cruddy to make an effort myself.  I loved what Shannon of did for her kidlets' teachers - Starbucks gift cards with a punny thank-you note, so that's what I did too. And Starbucks was happy to give me a stack of cup sleeves with my gift card purchase :) Here are mine - I love how they turned out!  

Thanks a Latte teacher gift cards
A big thank-you to ALL the teachers out there - at school and at home!

● ● ● ● ●

I'm over the flu and back in business! I said I was just going to let them eat pizza at school today, but I ended up making a few lunches after all :)  Quite last minute as it happens, since it was the sproutlets who decided they didn't want the school's pizza!

Beanstalk got NatureBox Zingy dried Currants, a granola square, SmartFood popcorn, a fruit leather star, Gala apple rings with star centres, and applewood smoked ham on teeny star picks, packed in his PlanetBox.

Bella got SmartFood popcorn, Fig Newtons, applewood smoked ham, Gala apples, carrot slices, and 2 tomato balloons - because today is my LEGO lunch Box's blog birthday, so I made one tomato balloon for an Instagram birthday greeting, and rather than waste it, Bella got it plus another - packed in her usual EasyLunchboxes container.

Bento school lunch with tomato balloons

This is the birthday greeting I used the other tomato in - I had fun making it! The balloon string picks are part of a cute bento accessory set that also includes rings, hands & feet, flower stems, & umbrella handles :)

Pickle was happy to have pizza today - but here's a Lunch Punch truck peanut butter sandwich I made him the other day when I didn't feel up to posting:

And here's one of Bella's from this past week. It was originally intended for Beanstalk, but then he ended up staying home sick so I added mozzarella and fig newtons to the ham, carrots, apples & roasted vegetable crackers I had already packed in a LunchBots Quad for him, and gave it to her :)

Hey, it's Friday! Happy Week End to All!


  1. I love the appreciation gifts! We skip teacher appreciation because it's too close to the end of the year and I always do end of the year gifts.

    1. I thought about that last night and decided to go with the Teacher appreciation ones in lieu of end of year gifts, for the same reason. It';s always so hectic getting all the kids the last day of school anyways, it will be one less thing :) Hope they don't mind!

  2. What a great idea for reusing those coffee sleeves!

  3. Please provide a link to where I can purchase the accessory you used to create the tomato balloons... so cute!

    1. Sure thing!They are from BentoUSA by They ARE so cute, and come in a set of 12 picks that also includes umbrella handles, rings, flower stems, and hands :)

  4. I really like that idea!


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