Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soup & Superhero

Beanstalk's lunch was inspired by another member of the Avengers, the Incredible Hulk! It's hard to do a theme lunch when A) your kid is super picky, B) cute is not allowed, C) you didn't plan ahead and have to use what's on hand, and D) one of the colours is purple! Fortunately I had some Annie's fruit snacks in a purple pouch and some alphabet biscuits :)

The grapes, silicone muffin cup, & pick the ham is skewered on are green like Hulk, and the fruit snacks, blueberry pomegranate fruit leather, & the muffin cup it's in are purple like his pants. The alphabet biscuits spelling HULK are not stuck to the fruit leather with anything so they will just be in a jumble when he opens his lunch, but that's OK, destruction and the Hulk go together :)

Bella has tomato soup in her iCarly Thermos Funtainer today, with sides in a small Lock & Lock, and her special pink Spork:

Her sides are grapes, tomatoes, whole wheat fig newtons, and roasted vegetable Ritz crackers. Bella wouldn't want the seasoning from the crackers on her cookie, so I used little silicone "walls" called baran to separate them:

Pickle took a plain "not creative" peanut butter sandwich today, again. I hope he lets me make him a "creative" sandwich again soon, I still have unused ideas from when I was doing my 101 peanut butter sandwiches challenge!

Stuff I used:


  1. Love your HULK lunch and also the sides in the Lock & Lock looks so neat! I have never seen the small box with divider and so tempted to get it now.


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