Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Yubos + Spiral Sandwich Sushi Tutorial!

Today's the day someone wins a deluxe personalized yubo! But first... 

Halloween Yubo Faceplates

That's right, yubo has some fantastic & colourful Hallowe'en faceplate designs! Sprout got Witchy Feet, and Pickle got Trick or Treat...

Personalized Halloween yubo faceplates

Sprout & Pickle love them,  thank you, yubo :)

And here are our first Hallowe'en lunches!

Pickle wanted a sushi sandwich and a fortune cookie but I wanted to make a Hallowe'en lunch so I compromised - he has a yogurt ghost with sugar sprinkles & candy eyes, peanut butter sandwich sushi with Hallowe'en party picks, the fortune cookie, and for snack, an upside-down yogurt cup with Boo! written on the bottom - and I did pack spoons, they're just not shown.

Pickle's First Hallowe'en yubo

Sprout has grapes in a pumpkin silicone cup, a fortune cookie, a little container of raisins, sandwich spirals on a pumpkin party pick, an Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Bar, & a Jack O'Lantern satsuma orange (face drawn with food colouring marker) To drink she has Horizon chocolate milk, which fits perfectly in the Yubo - and after snapping the pic I put her orange Fall print cloth napkin between her lunch and the lid to keep it all in place.

Sprout's First Hallowe'en yubo

I love Hallowe'en & Hallowe'eny lunches!  I was super scattered this morning though - it was my first day "back to work" after letting Sailor Boy take care of things while I was ill ... He did great, but the cupboards were pretty bare, things were not where I expected them to be, and I was a little slow, so Bella & Beanstalk didn't get Hallowe'eny lunches today. Ah well, we do have the whole month of October ahead of us  :)

By popular demand...

And here's another look at last week's lunch that they went into :

●  ●  ●  ● 
Okay, you've waited long enough... assuming you didn't skip the post and jump down here... The winner is.... 

#223 Emily C ! 

But don't despair if that's not you! Remember I said yubo had another treat for me to give away for Hallowe'en? That was no trick... 

To thank you for your entry, the folks at yubo would like to offer you a 25% off coupon towards anything on their site.  They have some very cute Halloween faceplates that can be personalized!  So hurry and check out their adorable lunchboxes at  Offer ends October 10, 2012. Enter coupon code: benton25 when you order to receive your 25% off.  
Personalized items require 7-10 days, so don't wait!

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  1. THANK YOU!! I'm so excited to be the winner!!


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