Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You are my Sunshine

♪ My only sunshine ♫ You make my happy, when skies are grey... 
This morning was another grey one, so a sunshine themed lunch sounded perfect... and by lunchtime the sun was out, so the sproutlets got to enjoy their sunny lunch in the sunlight :)

Beanstalk and Bella each had the Easy Lunchbox version:

A little love note peeked through the lids to brighten their day :)

You Are My Sunshine bento school lunch

They had sunshine shaped three-cheese quesadillas on a bed of Sun Chips with cheddar suns, Clementines, Sun Maid raisins (grapes & sunshine!), honey roasted peanuts, and Teddy Grahams. 10 year old Beanstalk asked me not to make his lunches too cute, so he didn't have sunshine shapes or bears, he had more peanuts instead. Not pictured is a family favourite, sunshine juice (lemonade + orange).

Sprout & Baby Bird had a muffin tin version:

You Are My Sunshine muffin tin meal

Pickle had a smiling sun peanut butter sandwich
(with his usual yogurt and apple juice)

Everybody loved their lunch. Beanstalk blushed at his note but I could tell he was pleased - he hugged me after he was finished eating! And Bella said she definitely wants me to make this for her school lunch. Hooray!

Now lunch is over and the sproutlets are outside in the back yard soaking up some summer sunshine while they still can :) I think I'll go join them ☀

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