Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elephants & Peanut Carrots

Lots of elephants in today's lunches! Birdie has a birthday coming up, and last weekend I asked her what kind of party she wanted to have. She said "a elephant one". She told her grandma the same thing on the phone last night too. Elephants huh? She's such a funny kid. I expected to hear "princess" or "LaLaLoopsy" or "Tangled"... elephants is great though, and will be fun to think up games!

I packed her an elephants Sassy box for lunch:

An Elephant Mama & Baby Lunch Punch peanut butter sandwich, 
white cheddar elephant, grapes, and peanut shaped carrots :)

Bella got elephants too, 2 little elephant pics stuck in her red grapes, and a couple cut from ham. Under the ham are 2 wedges of cheese quesadilla. In the flower cup are cucumber slices, and she also has carrot peanuts.

Pickle got an elephant mama & baby peanut butter sandwich as well but I used too much peanut butter and made kind of a mess of it. He won't care! Not pictured is his usual yogurt and oatmeal cookie :)

No elephants for Beanstalk. He doesn't like things too cute. I'm just so happy he's asking me to make him lunches lately instead of just grabbing a Clif bar and a Boost. He actually asked for an orange as well but the ones I bought weren't ripe, boo. So I gave him a bagel cut to fit his Lock&Lock box.

Beanstalk was a little disappointed about not getting an orange, he's trying to "eat his rainbow". His Dad and I are so impressed with the Today I Ate A Rainbow! Kit - I even overheard my husband talking about it to someone on the phone last night, about how brilliant it is :) I'll be doing a review and Giveaway of one next week, don't miss it!


  1. Peanut shaped carrots!!! Genius :) You've got the creative bug!

  2. How do you get your lunch punches to turn out so perfect? Love the peanut carrots!

    1. Pickle's was far from perfect, believe me :) I punched his out after I made it. Birdie's came out better, as do most of the ones with detail on them when I do them this way:
      Cut the top bread out alone. Put the sandwich filling on the bottom bread. Place the cut out bread on top, then carefully line the Lunch Punch up on top of it and re-punch the whole thing.
      Slide the pressed sandwich back and forth (or side to side) on the cutting surface to make sure it's fully through the bottom bread before lifting the cutter.
      This way, the top bread gets the detail punched into it, but doesn't crack, or bread at the sides, so the shape looks more sharp around the edges and details :)

    2. Thank you so much for sharing! I will definately have to try this next lunch I make :D

  3. SO cute! Peanut carrots are genius!


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