Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love & Lasagna for my #1

I only have a few more days to pack lunch for my Sailor Boy :( He'll soon be shipping out to sea for a long deployment, so I'm using up all his frozen leftover favourites that won't keep until his return. 

Today he has spinach lasagna. I cut it the size of the PlanetBox glass dish when I froze it. The glass dish is perfect for leftovers, he can microwave them at work. I added some cheddar hearts & a sprinkle of parmesan before covering it with the stretchy silicone lid 

On the side he has half a banana, carrot sticks & hearts, pineapple, & a Hershey's Kiss. You might have to squint to see, but I wrote Hello Sweetie on the banana with a toothpick. By lunchtime the message will have darkened to a very legible brown :) And hopefully the banana won't be too unripe!

● ● ● ● ●

Bella had a bunch of hearts in her Goodbyn Bynto. Carrots, cucumbers, and turkey & cheddar roll-ups on heart picks. This is a pretty light lunch for her so she also took a Clif bar in her pocket in case she needs an afternoon snack.

Some stuff used to pack these lunches:


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  1. Aww <3 Love these! Especially Hello Sweetie :D


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