Monday, May 12, 2014

Hulk PlanetBox Lunch

My middle-schooler Beanstalk surprised me by asking if I would pack him lunch! A rare request. I couldn't resist making it just a little bit fun:

He chose what went into his PlanetBox - grapes, Halo oranges, pistachios & a peanut butter sandwich - then I used one of my Marvel Comics cookie cutter stamps, green & purple silicone muffin cups, and a Marvel Heroes cloth napkin to give it an Incredible Hulk theme :)


  1. How nice that your he wanted a mom-made lunch! Did he have any objections to the Hulk sandwich? I think this lunch looks delicious,

    1. Thanks Keitha :) He's a boy of few words, when I asked if he liked his lunch all he said was "Yep. It was good."


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