Thursday, August 1, 2013

Basically Yummy Real Life Lunches

Guess what? I'm a real mom. I don't have an assistant, a nanny, or a fancy kitchen. (I wish!) My kids are real, and sometimes a real pain ;) I get what real life is. I get that not everyone has the time, the skill, the creativity, or the desire to pack artistic bentos. I sometimes lack some or all of those things myself! (It's true.) I'm no supermom - I'm just a regular, real mom, who sometimes takes the time to pack super lunches and blog them :)
But not always!

Real life bento lunch
I also pack plenty of plain, basic lunches, that I don't bother or have time to photograph, and my sproutlets are just as happy eating them. Or not! Making lunch cute does not guarantee it will get eaten! But it's fun - most of the time. On the days that it's not, I'm glad I have cute bento lunchboxes. Somehow they can make regular food look appealing just by their design!

Real easy bento school lunch in a Yumbox

My 6 year old, Sprout, chose what went into the Yumbox lunch above. We ate lunch at home so I just used the inner tray. It took minutes to make, including the time it took to sprinkle & swirl a little coloured sugar on the greek yogurt, at her request. The sproutlets often ask if their lunch has a theme, and if I say no, they like to come up with one themselves if they get a chance to see it. 

Sprout dubbed this one "Summer Yummer" and happily ate it all :)

Something I like about our Yumbox is the properly portioned sections that make remembering to include all the food groups really easy. And Sprout is learning how to pack a healthy lunch when she helps choose what goes into them! She named this bento "I Heart My Lunch".

Real easy bento lunch :)
I'd call this lunch pretty basic too... unless you count that one little heart pick & the heart-shaped granola bar as artistic... and I don't ;)  To be honest,  it's heart-shaped because when Bella didn't finish her Clif bar a couple of days earlier I didn't want the rest to go to waste, so I pressed the uneaten bit into a cookie cutter and saved it :) Lunch recycling!

Yumbox is currently sold out, but will be back in stock very soon, so you can still add it to your Amazon Wish List! We've got the Pomme Green and since it's one of Birdie's favourites I'm sure we'll be adding the Framboise Pink too :


  1. These lunches are beautiful! You are a super real mom!

    1. Thank you! You're right! We all are in our own ways :)

  2. They look great to me! :D

  3. Fabulous idea "recycling" the Clif Bar!

  4. Love this post! These lunches look delicious to me!

  5. Absolutely love this post in so many ways. Lunches look delicious!

  6. I love your blog (and your lunches) because they are close to what I try to do for my kids - simple, fun, designed to make them smile. Also, I do the same - many days its about getting a lunch out the door and there is way less cute! Thanks for providing inspiration!

  7. Anonymous8/01/2013

    The lunches look great!
    And no matter what you say, you'll always be awesome!

  8. What do you use to keep things cold?

  9. I still think you are super-mum, but so is every mum with 5 little ones :-)
    Thank you for sharing the ordinary'

  10. What do you do about foods that require refrigeration? My daughter has about 3 hours that her lunch would sit in the coat room and I worry especially about dairy products.

  11. I pack an ice pack between the yumbox and the lunchbox. We use a Built Ny neoprene lunchbag which seesm to be adequate insulation :)


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