Monday, January 27, 2014

Sproutlets Choice

Sproutlet's choice lunches today. Bean Sprout asked for fruit, chocolate, & a Go-Gurt in her Go Green Lunch Box. I gave her grapes, strawberries (with a little chocolate bar bento pick), chocolate yogurt covered raisins, chocolate graham stars, & a strawberry Go-Gurt.  I also put some reusable ice cubes in the yogurt section to keep it nice & chilly. 

Go Green Lunch Box Kids Choice

Bella wanted soup & sides. She got tomato & noodles in her LunchBots thermal container, and Wonderful salt & pepper pistachios, Cheez-It crackers, grapes, & sweet mini peppers in her LunchBots Quad.

Pickle's home with croup and not hungry, Beanstalk's buying in the cafeteria, and Birdie made herself a cheese sandwich with our ice cream cone Lunch Punch, then coloured it with food markers :

Yes, that's Birdie, she wanted her hair "shaved like Amy Pond" (Karen Gillan).
●  ●  ●  ● 
Some stuff I used for today's lunches:


  1. The reusable ice cubes in the box are a great idea. I never thought about doing that. Also, do you ever freeze your yogurt tubes? I've been told they defrost by lunch...

    1. The Yoplait GoGurt brand ones usually do thaw by lunch, depending on whether or not I've packed ice packs in there for other things, and they thaw to a nice consistency - but not all brands do, some thaw clotty or runny or both - yuck.

      So yes, I sometimes do freeze them - in fact I have some in the freezer now - but I needed an un-frozen one to be able to fold it to fit in the lunch box ;)

  2. Poor Pickle :-( Get well soon!
    I love those little graham stars - too cute!
    Thank you for being the first on board for #LovingEveryLunchforaMonth!!!

  3. Anonymous1/29/2014

    I think it's amazing that you'd let your little girl shave her hair off. Most moms. I know would have balked at the idea because oh my god someone might think she's a boy, and girls should have long hair and whatnot. You seem like a really cool mom.


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