Monday, January 6, 2014

Hopping Back To School in EasyLunchboxes!

Winter break is over, the sproutlets are back in school. The older 3 chose to get the school's hot lunch on this cold day (well, cold for the PNW) but my Bean Sprout wanted me to pack her one:

Sydney Bean took a froggy-themed EasyLunchboxes bento with a frog face peanut butter & Nutella sandwich (made with our CuteZcute Animal Friends stamp & cutter), carrot sticks & green grapes with frog picks, & a GoGurt. GoGurts fit well folded in an L shape. I should try freezing some like this!

Frog bento school lunch
I even found a Lunchbox Love note (in vol. 55) with a fun frog fact to include :)

Frog bento school lunch

Birdie has three little pigs in her EasyLunchbox. And one big one :)

Pig bento school lunch
She has a cheese sandwich made with the stamper from our CuteZcute & a round pocket sandwich press, and a Halo orange & strawberries with piglet picks - one flipped around backwards so she could see the curly tail :)

Some stuff used to make these lunches:


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  1. Cute lunches! Yay for back to school :D


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