Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Don't Blink! A Doctor Who Christmas Lunch

It's Christmas Day! It's almost time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special! My Sprout requested a Doctor Who Weeping Angel Christmas lunch last week. A girl after my own heart :) I packed it in our PlanetBox Shuttle:

Sprout loves the Weeping Angels. I made this faux stone angel tree topper last year, and she's always wanting to carry it around & play with it!

Sprout's lunch was a satsuma orange (the Doctor once saved the planet with a satsuma), mystic grapes, a gummy wreath, & a Weeping Angel cheese sandwich. A Lunchbox Love for Christmas card completed the theme :)

I originally placed the wreath atop the grapes before closing the Shuttle, but when I discovered it would stick to the lid, I flipped it over so that when she opened the box it would be face up (more like the first photo shows).

To make the Weeping Angel sandwich, I used this cookie cutter & stamp from Lakeland's Doctor Who range:

●  ●  ●  ● 
Doctor Who & Christmas go together in our family! Fellow Whovians might enjoy our Weeping Angel-topped, TARDIS blue, themed Christmas Tree:

Happy Christmas!


  1. Love it! The weeping angel is beautifully creepy :D

  2. the weeping angle cutter is awesome! love how the whole bento comes together!


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